Hi i'm Madison and i'm really just a huge fag, but you should still talk to me as I'm very lonely, thanks.

A basic over look of my blog is, it's my personal so there is no set in theme, but It's pretty much a Supernatural, and band blog for the most part.

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Genre: Angst, Death

Word count: 1.1k

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You had a good day, right before you left me and I remember it so vividly. Your stats were up, and it was just you and me. We were both so tired, but now that didn’t matter, we just laughed and joked and talked about our future.

We had talked about it so many times before but it just seemed so small because we thought we had forever, but of course we didn’t have forever anymore. Our forever was shorter than it was supposed to be, but neither of us could of prevented it.

The doctors had informed us of a small brain bleed that was untreatable, and said you could possibly have a month, but we only had a week.

Every night I climbed in the small hospital bed with you, and never let you go from my touch. You were only 25 and you deserved so much more than this. I wish every single day that it was me instead of you, that I could have been the one in the car when it crashed. I was 30, and you were only 25, and way too young to die.

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fuck hot bass players but fuck hot bass players


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The Moment I Drowned~ Prologue


Genre: Angst

Word count: 0.8k

Summary: When you break up with your soul-mate, sometimes the only logical thing to do is torture yourself with the possibilities of what you could have been, what you could of done to prevent it, and how you could try and fix it.

When you slip under the water it feels calm at first, but then your lungs start to beg for air and you try to keep calm but of course it doesn’t work, you were stupid for trying to drown yourself. Then you try and gasp for some air with your burning lungs, but all you get is water and your system tries again but your lungs are heavy as they fill with more water, then you black out.

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he looks like one of those big makeup brush thigns


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Martha Stewart Living, March 2014. Macarons 101.